The concept of resilience appears in every culture and every language. Probably many of your favourite novels, films and songs are about resilience; resilience is an essential part of the human story.

  • ​Resilience is NOT about toughing it out, being stoic or going it alone, neither is it about perfection.
  • Resilience is knowing how to reach out to others for support.
  • Resilience helps you make sense of your story and helps you to create your future stories.
  • Resilience allows you to laugh at life and yourself.
  • Resilience is creative.

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The ability to roll with the punches and how we deal with adversity and stress strongly affects how we get on in life, and is the reason why resilience is so important today.  But it doesn’t mean we have to be super heroes.

¨Resilience is a capacity as old as our origins otherwise we wouldn’t be here¨.  Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze

I hope this website is not only a place to find me, but a place where you will stay and enjoy learning about resilience, and a place where you can think about lots of things in a way you maybe didn’t expect.

Many people helped me to ‘build’ this site with their encouragement and ideas but in the end I was tenacious enough to struggle through and do it myself with a little trouble shooting from my loyal technical support in Bangladesh.   It wasn’t an easy task as promoting resilience is not like selling music or dresses as I had done in my youth; in the end you are promoting yourself and your ideas and promising things.  I knew how to promote products and music but this was different.  I really wanted to be different and more accessible to more people. One thing I did learn is that I don’t like promoting myself but I always feel comfortable promoting resilience and the work I do.

Every time I left the house to go to an event or course I met more and more coaches and various different types of therapists some traditional and some extremely sure of themselves and the magic they held.  I loved hearing about all the different approaches to therapy and healing but would run home and read resilience to put my feet back on the ground.

So finally here I am with what I hope is a humble and friendly site where I can also share my ideas about promoting resilience in individuals, families, organisations and communities.   A place you will feel comfortable and want to come and talk to me about your life and your resilience.  Maybe you have found my site through serendipity, I hope so!  And I hope soon to have time to translate everything into Spanish.

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