Have you done therapy before?  Did you find it boring, and a waste of time?  Some people have said this to me in the past.   But therapy can be a bit like yoga, maybe you haven’t found the right kind of therapy or the right person to accompany you back to your own resilience?  I still haven’t found the right kind of yoga, maybe I never will, or maybe I’ll find something else.  My point being, there is no right or wrong therapy just the right way for you.

Therapy and CoachingWhy do I like resilience so much?  Because there is something so honest and intrinsic about it.  It just makes sense.  People talk about resilience in every culture and every language.  As I said many of your favourite films and songs are probably about resilience.  Everybody is resilient, its just that sometimes we don’t feel it, or sometimes we just need a little bit of time to get it back!   You seem to have fallen into a hole that you can’t climb out of, but you still want to be able to reach up and find a helping hand to pull you out.

The good news is that resilience can be rediscovered and constructed.  Resilient people learn to live for a while in the darkness, while developing the necessary coping skills to adapt to their circumstances and find a “new normal”.  They learn to be self compassionate, kind and non- judgmental with themselves as they go through their crisis.  Some will even find a deeper purpose and meaning in life.

Reasons you may need a little more resilience

  • You just went through a bad break up.
  • You feel disconnected from previously beloved activities and you are no longer enjoying hanging out with the same people
  • Your relationships are strained at home, in your family or day to day.
  • Your friends have told you they’re concerned.  Usually a good barometer.
  • Everything you feel is intense, its good to feel emotions but yours can get out of control and exhausting.  We’ve all been there.
  •  You’ve suffered a trauma and you can’t seem to stop thinking about it or it just keeps on coming back, how can you move forward?
  •  You have unexplained and recurrent headaches, stomach-aches or a rundown immune system or just feel too tired all the time.  Your body is trying to tell you something
  • You are finding it hard to find your way in a new place and sometimes feel everything is too difficult.  Finding your feet and feeling as though you belong can be stressful.
  • ​​You are worried about your family and feel a lot of pressure to do the right thing or be perfect.  Your family relations or lack of them can consume you.
  • Drinking and other habits are no longer fun but something you need and you don’t like it
  • You’re not feeling great at work : boredom, stress, relationships and motivation could be factors.​
  • ​And the classic Barcelona one, no work, or not enough work and you are tired of selling yourself.

If you have a few of these at the same time, it’s only normal that you need to recharge your resilience battery.

There are endless lists telling people why they need a therapist and they all seem the same.  I sat down and really thought about what people usually talk about and the moments when a good resilience therapist or tutor can accompany you back, get you through the difficult, confusing and frustrating times of your life.

​Resilience and Coaching

 Coaching is everywhere these days!  But is doesn’t have to be a pursuit of excellence nor a complicated psychological workout session, much better a pursuit of resilience and understanding what type of resilience you need to work on.  Resilience amongst many things, is how you manage stress, so it focuses on practical and protective factors rather than what causes it.

My coaching sessions help you build resilience in an international and creative environment in your career and also in your life including parenting and caring for other family members.  A lot of the unpaid work we do can be the most challenging and how we balance our lives can help relieve a lot of stress and allow us to enjoy moments.

  • Coach to generate resilience  … motivation, self-esteem, conflict resolution, team building and leadership.
  • Coach for personal balance and relationships
  • Coach to get through a problem