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The concept of resilience appears in every culture and every language. Probably many of your favourite novels, films and songs are about resilience; resilience is an essential part of the human story.

  • Resilience is NOT about toughing it out, being stoic or going it alone, neither is it about perfection.
  • Resilience is knowing how to reach out to others for support.
  • Resilience helps you make sense of your story and helps you to create your future stories.
  • Resilience allows you to laugh at life and yourself.
  • Resilience is creative.


resilience Therapy FOR ADULTS

Resilience therapy online internationally and face to face in Spain and UK

Therapy for adolescents and coaching for parents

Working with adolescents and parents to create resilient families and futures


Out of adversity comes resilience. Building a new future can be challenging.


 Resilience expert, social psychologist, mother, writer, researcher. 25 years experience in psychology and international living. Qualified to work in both English and Spanish.

Resilience always starts with a story so here is mine.