Jo Wilkie

About Me

Resilience therapist and expert, psychologist, mother, writer, researcher. 25 years experience in psychology and international living. Qualified to work in both English and Spanish.

Resilience always starts with a story so here is mine

I am passionate about resilience and helping people understand how important resilience is in our lives.  I studied with some of the leading international experts working to promote resilience.  For the last 5 years I have been actively promoting resilience with individuals, families, organisations and communities.

I had spent many years working in the field of positive psychology and therapy and it was here in Barcelona that I discovered the world of resilience and was lucky enough to attend the first post graduate course in the Promotion of Resilience at the University of Barcelona. This allowed me to meet and learn from leading figures in Resilience work in Europe and Latin America and the most generous teachers.  I also studied a postgraduate diploma in mental health and migration.  Moving around can bring opportunity but also challenges.

I have lived in many countries and met a lot of diverse and truly inspiring people in different cultures and languages. Living an international life can feel like an amazing adventure but also comes with its challenges and I have worked with many individuals and families over the years helping them to find their feet again.

Life experience, literature, music and films have always fed my resilience work but I have been studying and researching along the way to back up my instincts with analysis and ideas based on theory and practice.

Here you can read some of my research in English and Spanish.

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